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ANDORRASKIMO is a mountain skiing, long-distance race format for teams of 2 or 3 people. The aim of Andorra Skimo is to go around Andorra in stages with mountain skiing, joining the three ski resorts of the principality as well as the two valleys. To employ the best professionals of this sport, with the lovers and practitioners of the mountain ski, who will look for their personal challenge, enjoying an unpublished route.


DECEMBER 16, 2022


Optional bus: 5€/trip

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Clean CO2

Andorra SKIMO 2018 calculates and offset its carbon footprint

Andorra SKIMO 2018 one event organized by VSL Sports, which is committed to the fight against climate change. The organization has offset the emissions that have been generated during the event.
The organization has closed a collaboration agreement with the hydraulic energy project called Darica, located in Turkey. A project certified by Verified Carbon Standard that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water pollution, boost the local economy, increase jobs and help the social and economic development of the area.

Finally, the organization has obtained the Clean CO2 certificate that certifies its neutrality.