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Andorra Skimo


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    Each participant in the SKIMO2 trip is required to have a federal competition card or day insurance to cover the practice of this activity.


    In the Cadet and Youth category, an obligation to present a signed authorization for the parents or guardians of each participant. It will be sent to you after registration at

    Teams should consist of 2 or 3 people. Throughout the race, team members must go together and will not be separated.

    In the event that the weather forecast is very adverse and the helicopter is unable to fly, the organization would be obliged to cancel the test for safety reasons.

    Each runner must sign the regulations WHEN REGISTERING and thus accepts their participation under their responsibility. The organization declines all responsibility in case of personal or material damage suffered by its own or third parties arising from the celebration of SKIMO2.

    In the event that a team leaves the race, it must notify the organization.
    In case of abandonment of one component in a team of 2, the other must leave, as at least 2 must arrive on arrival for the team to be counted.
    In case of abandonment of a component in a team of 3, this must MANDATORY leave at a control point of the organization so that the team can continue and will be counted on arrival.

    The organization will make some assistance / abandonment points during the tours for participants who are not able to continue, when the organization deems it appropriate, they will accompany all participants who have left making a convoy by land to a point of collection where they will have a vehicle of the organization that will transfer them until the arrival.
    Outside of these points except for injury or major health problems all evacuation will be borne by the runner himself.

    The Organization reserves the right to modify and extend the insurance coverage requested from participants, in accordance with the provisions of the law in force at any given time.

    For anything not provided for in these regulations, the organization may enforce the FAM regulations.

    To Score in the Andorra Mountain Ski Cup, teams can be 2 or 3 people. The Andorra Cup is managed directly by the F.A.M, which will make its work available to the Organization and its regulations will be applied.

    To score in the Catalan Cup, teams must be only 2 people. The Catalan Cup is managed directly by the , which will make its work available to the Organization and its regulations will be applied.


    • race backs
    • A commemorative gift of the race, in the event that an enrollee can not participate, the gift will be saved or sent to the collection.
    • Transport by bus until departure and after arrival.
    • Breakfast before the race in the shelter of Naturlandia.
    • The route will be properly marked and marked in its entirety.
    • Multiple control points and supplies both liquid and solid throughout the course.
    • Lunch on arrival at the station Grau Roig de Grandvalira.
    • Finisher Trophy for all participants who complete the whole course, if only one team member arrives, will not be able to obtain the trophy.
    • The organization will provide a broom team to proceed to the closing of the race.
    • The organization will be in contact with the rescue group of Firemen of Andorra during the whole day.
    • The organization will draw a lot of sports material in the arrival area with all participants of the test.
    • Live tracking, on our website, there will be transmission of passage in 2 sectors of the crossing