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Pre-registration opening: 12/16/2022 at 8:00 PM

What is?

The Pre-registrations are the form for the creation of the teams. The objective of pre-registration is to fill out the form calmly with all the data correctly.

How do we access pre-registrations?

On the web :
Private area.
If you are not registered, you will have to make a new registration.
If you are registered: enter with your email and password.
And you will already have access to the Pre-registration.


Who has to pre-register?

Pre-registration must be carried out by a SINGLE member of the team, this member must request the information from his colleagues and enter it in the form.

What information will there be to fill in the Pre-registration?

Choose the SKIMO you want to do.
Put the Name of the TEAM, the number of team members, 2 or 3.
If you are not registered, you will have to make a new registration.
All the personal information of each member of the team is entered.
It is important to put all the data correctly, Name, surname, nationality, date of birth, sex, mail, tel....


License VS Insurance

Do you have a Federation Competition License? Select yes.

If you do not have a license, you can buy private accident insurance for €10/day.
Death / disability €6,000
Complementary medical assistance CASS €3,000
This insurance does not cover: diseases, material, or discomfort during the event. Accidents only. It also does not cover any type of sick leave.


The official Accommodation with registration, where you have breakfast and dinner included, with schedules adapted to the Dynafit Andorra Skimo and has a bus stop in front of the hotel door.
If the whole team is staying, select: double or triple
If you will do an individual accommodation select: individual

COMPANIONS: If you plan to come accompanied by a family member: select: Double
and contact the organization: , and we will manage the companions with the same conditions as the runners.

If you need accommodation for an extra day, contact us to arrange it

Bus Service

You can choose the stops of the bus service, both in the morning and in the afternoon Each trip has a cost of €5 .
You will not be able to use the bus service, unless you buy the tickets.

Final survey form

At the end of the form you will find a survey to calculate the emissions that you generate by coming to the Dynafit andorra skimo, this survey is mandatory, since our events calculate and compensate the emissions generated.

Andorra Skimo, is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, help us calculate your carbon footprint to come to our event.

Once all these steps have been completed, the organization will validate all pre-registrations made​.
Remember that, to participate in Skimo4, you must have finished a skimo6 or submit a sports CV to (No pre-registration in Skimo4 will be validated if these requirements are not met )

How do I valid my final registration?


ON 12/21/22, enter the private area and you will have the payment button activated for your pre-registration.
On the web :
Private area.
And proceed to the payment of the pre-registration. Once the payment is made, your registration will be validated.
You will receive an email, with the confirmation of this.
The places are limited and are validated by order of payment until the places are exhausted.

Pre-registration does not give the right to registration. Only the Payment gives the right to the final registration.